1060 Transformer Aluminum Foils

1060 Transformer Aluminum Foils

Aluminum 99.5%
high conductivity
width tolerance is ± 0.2mm
The thickness control can be controlled below ± 5 microns
Used for distribution system, low voltage transformer windings.

1060 Transformer Aluminum Foils is a kind of pure aluminum foil strip, the content of aluminum can reach more than 99.5%, because it does not contain other technical elements, so production process is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap,1060 aluminum foil strip is the most commonly used alloy in conventional industry.

1060 aluminum strip is widely used in transformer winding because of its high conductivity. The main alloying elements of 1060 aluminum foils strips for transformers winding are copper (0.1%), zinc (0.05%) and magnesium (0.05%).

1060 aluminum foils for transformer winding

ThicknessNominal Width
Width Tolerance (+)

Chemical Component :


Mechanical properties :

TemperTensile Strength
Yield Strength

1060 transformer aluminum coils have outstanding advantages:
High conductivity: The conductivity of 1060 O state aluminum strip is higher than that of 1 series, 3 series and 5 series aluminum alloy strips, which can save copper cost;
Excellent elongation: The elongation of 1060 O state aluminum strip for transformers is higher than that of 1 series and 8 series alloy strips, so it can better meet the requirements of stretching and forming;
Good processability: 1060 O state aluminum strip has good processability under normal conditions, which can ensure the quality consistency of products;
Excellent oxidation effect: Compared with other alloys, 1060 O state aluminum strip has better oxidation effect, which can improve product quality and service life;
High flatness: The flatness error of 1060 O state aluminum strip produced by us are less than 1/1000.

Why does transformer use 1060 aluminum foils?
1060 aluminium foil belongs to pure aluminum foil, with high plasticity, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.
1060 O aluminum foil strip has high plasticity and corrosion resistance, but low strength.
1060 O aluminum foil strip can be processed into various products required by transformers, the production process is simple, easy to control the quality of products, low processing costs.
1060 aluminum foil has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity; aluminum foil in addition to processing a variety of household appliances lining materials, but also for transformers to do a lot of windings.