Enameled Round Aluminum Wire

What is enameled round aluminum wire?

Enameled Round Aluminum Wire also known magnet round aluminum wire or enameled aluminum round wire is a popular type of aluminum winding wire used in various electrical applications, including transformers, motors, and generators. This type of wire is made by coating a round aluminum wire with a thin layer of insulation called enamel.

enameled round aluminum wires

Conductor diameter: 0.16~9.2mm
Enamel Insulation: polyester, polyesterimide, polyamide, modified polyesterimide, polyamideimide
Conductor: Oxygen-free aluminum rod
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How to pack the enameled aluminum wire?

LP Industry adopts plywood wooden spool/bobbin, spool/bobbin common specifications: 250*400; 250*500; 250*600, one spool/bobbin wire weight 30~150kgs
Outer packing: pallet or plywood box, suitable for shipping by sea

The use of enamelled Round Aluminium wire?

Enameled aluminum wire is suitable for transformers, inductors, motors, generators, dry type transformer, Cast Resin Transformers, and in electronic circuits, television degaussing coils and so on for many more applications including washing machine motors, fans and AC compressors.

Technical diameter (awg/swg 4-28 is hot sale magnet wire )

ConductorAluminum Rod
DimensionDiameter: 0.16-9.2mm
Thermal Class120(Class E), 155C(Class F),180(Class H), 200(Class C), 220(Class C+), 240(Class HC)
Insulation Thickness:G1; G2 or single build; heavy build; according to clents’ requirements
StandardIEC 60317-16,60317-16/28,MW36 60317-29 BS6811, MW18 60317-18 ,MW20 60317-47
Packing30kg-150kg ply-wood spool(250*400 / 250*500/ 250*600/ 250*730)

The advantages of aluminum enameled wire

1) More excellent DC resistivity, the DC resistivity of aluminum enameled wire is approximately 1.5 times that of pure copper wire; when the resistance value is the same, its wire diameter is about 1.2 times that of pure copper, while the weight is only pure copper wire 1/2.
2) Lighter weight. The density of aluminum enameled wire is one third of pure copper wire with the same wire diameter. It is very effective in reducing the weight of cables and coils. In the field of audio coils, it greatly improves product performance.
3) Lower cost. Compared with pure copper enameled wire, aluminum enameled wire can reduce the production cost by 30%-50% in some application fields.
4) Compared with the Copper Enameled Wire, easily to wind enameled aluminum wire, also there is a solid oxide film on the surface, which make it has a good insulating effect, a long life.
5) Another advantage of enamelled round aluminum wire is its durability. The enamel coating protects the wire from environmental factors that can cause damage, such as moisture and dust. It also helps to prevent the wire from becoming corroded, which can cause it to break down over time.