Enameled Square Aluminum Wire

Enameled Square Aluminum Wire or magnet square aluminum wire is a type of electrical conductor that consists of a square-shaped aluminum core coated with an insulating layer. The insulation is typically made of enamel, which is a thin layer of varnish applied to the surface of the wire. This insulation provides electrical insulation and protects the wire from environmental factors.

enameled square aluminum wire1

aluminum conductor and UEW(QA), PEW(QZ), EIW(QZXY), EI/AIW(QZY) insulation materials;
Standard: IEC, NEMA, JIS, GB. Spool materials: plastic, wooden.


Plywood wooden spool/bobbin, spool/bobbin common specifications: 250*400; 250*500; 250*600, one spool/bobbin wire weight 30~150kgs
Outer packing: pallet or plywood box, suitable for shipping by sea


According to the fetures of enameled aluminum wire, which is suitable for transformers, inductors, motors, generators, dry type transformer, Cast Resin Transformers

Enameled Square Aluminum Wire technical parameters:

NameEnameled Square Aluminum Winding Wire
Thermal Class120(Class E), 180(Class H), 200(Class C), 220(Class C+), 240(Class HC)
Insulation Thickness:G1,G2 or single build,  heavy build
StandardIEC 60317-16,60317-16/28,MW36 60317-29 BS6811, MW18 60317-18 ,MW20 60317-47
Packing30kg-150kg ply-wood spool(250*400 / 250*500/ 250*600/ 250*730)

Enameled square aluminum wire’s characteristic

Improved Packing Density: The square shape of the wire allows for better packing density in certain applications. This can be beneficial in situations where space is limited, as it allows for more efficient use of available space.
Easier Handling: The square shape can make the wire easier to handle during installation. It may have advantages in terms of ease of winding and connecting in specific applications compared to round wires.
Good conductivity and smooth surface processed by advanced extrusion equipment.
Insulation varnish: ELANTAS, ALAKTA and Dupont
Intelligent on-line monitoring equipment
Auto-change spool/bobbin equipmen