Nomex Paper Wrapped Wire

Nomex Paper Wrapped Wire

Conductor: aluminum & copper;
Insulation: Nomex paper 410 ;
Layers: single, double or triple;
Thermal class: 180℃ (Class H), 200℃(Class C), 220℃(Class HC)
Shape: round & flat type
Standard: IEC, NEMA, JIS, GB.
Spool materials: plastic, wooden.

NameInsulation Paper Winding Wire
Conductor aluminumRoundRectangular
Diameter: 1.0~7.0mmThickness(a): 1.0~10.0mm;
Width(b): 3.0~20.0mm
Conductor copperDiameter: 1.0~7.0mmThickness(a): 1.0~10.0mm;
Width(b): 2.0~20.0mm
Insulation Paper typeNomex paper
Insulation thicknessSingle, double or according to your requirement
Packing30kg~150kg Poly-wooden spool (250*500/ 250*600
AppicationOil-immersed transformer windings;medium and alrge

NOMEX Paper Covered Enameled Wire advantages
The NOMEX paper has high heat resistance temperature, even when the temperature is as high as 220℃, it still maintains the original insulating properties. In the design of the transformer, the C-class 220°C insulating material is used as the H-class 180°C, which can cope with emergency overload loads and unexpected expansion, which can greatly reduce the backup plan.

NOMEX Paper Covered Enameled Wire: Good environmental performance
The insulating material has stable chemical properties, safe flame retardant, non-toxic, anti-radiation, and will not release toxic gases even in the event of a fire; it does not react with solvents, and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. When its service life is over, it is easy to recycle, the resources can be reused, the waste can be degraded, and it will not cause pollution to the environment. It is an environmentally friendly high-tech product.

Paper wrapped covered wire is widely used in oil-immersed transformers and other similar electrical instruments.