enameled flat copper wire
enameled flat copper wire
enameled flat copper wire
  1. enameled flat copper wire
  2. enameled flat copper wire
  3. enameled flat copper wire

0.5*0.5 mm Termal Schok 240C Enamelled Square Copper Wire

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0.5*0.5 mm Termal schok 240C enamelled square copper wire

Due to its flat or rectangular shape and enamel insulation, enameled square copper wire is commonly used in the production of coils, particularly in transformers, electromagnetic coils, and inductors.

Electromagnetic Devices: Enameled square copper wire is used in the construction of various electromagnetic devices, such as solenoids, transformers, electric motors, and other electrical components.

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Shape: Square
  • Thermal Class: 240C
  • Insulation Building: heavy
  • UL certificate
  • High Quality
  • HIgher Price
  • Customed wire

Who bought the Enamelled Square Copper Wire?

The transformer manufacturer from England bought 0.5*0.5 mm Termal schok 240C enamelled square copper wire, clear electrotechnival copper in 30 min. Enameled square copper wire is a type of electrical conductor, according to combines the excellent electrical conductivity. And it makes of copper with a square or rectangular cross-sectional shape and an enamel insulation coating. This wire is commonly suitable for various electrical applications where a square or rectangular profile. The enamel wire along with the benefits of enamel insulation.

Key characteristics of enameled square copper wire

  1. Square or Rectangular Shape: Enameled square copper wire is characterized by its flat, square, or rectangular cross-section as opposed to the more common round wire. This square shape and wide conductor in electrical applications is better advantageous..
  2. Copper Conductor: The core of the wire makes of high quality copper, because it has its excellent electrical conductivity.
  3. Thermal Class: 240C, highest temperature enamel wire used for special transformer. The enamel coating also helps prevent short circuits. And it allows for the winding of coils without the turns coming into contact with each other.

Enameled square copper wire datasheet

DimensionThickness(a): 0.5 mm; width:0.5mm
Thermal Class (℃)240 C
Insulation thicknessHeavy
Packing40kg-60kg ply-wood spool (250*600)
AppicationTransformer; motor;generator; modern instrument; welding machine and so on